Shipping Registry To Open a London Office


The Virgin Islands Shipping Registry (VISR) is endeavouring to have a presence in London.

The announcement was made in a report from the Registry that was laid on the table of the 6 July House of Assembly: “Being aware of the requirements for success in today’s shipping market, groundwork has begun to develop a VISR presence in London.”

Ship registration provides a revenue stream to the BVI through the registration fees for ships and seafarers, and also for the corporate registration of the companies set up in the BVI to own and represent the ships.

To facilitate the UK branch the Registry is creating a business development and relationship section within the Department. “We anticipate that the person filling this role will be based in London, and charged with the promotion of the VISR and the BVI flag,” the report noted.

It is believed that through the development of a network of business and personal relationships the VISR flag would be promoted at the necessary discussion fora on its way to becoming a flag of regular sighting on the oceans of the world.

The role of the VISR is to implement the maritime policies of the Government covering shipping operations, safety of life at sea, security and the prevention of, and response to, pollution from ships.

The Registry is also tasked to enforce the regulations applicable to Virgin Islands vessels wherever they may be, and for all vessels navigating in the territorial waters of the Virgin Islands.