Sewerage Project To Re-Start In EE-LL


Eighth District Representative, Hon. Marlon Penn said that he is eager to see the recommencement of the East End/Long Look Sewerage project that was stalled in the late stage of the last administration.

While speaking on NDP Radio program on 16 November Hon. Penn stated that the project is expected to commence shortly: “The Minister has assured me that plans are in place…,” he said.
“There is a new plant at Paraquita Bay now and plans are in place to bring the lines down from Parham Town to connect to the ones in Fat Hogs Bay; and all the way down to Paraquita Bay. We can finally give the people of those communities relief that they so desire and indeed because this issue has been plaguing our community for many years,” Hon. Penn disclosed.
In addition to the sewerage project, the Legislator reminded that there were road restoration works taking place in the District at that time and he said that this will be restarting soon.
In recalling the road project, Hon. Penn announced: “We started some good work with the help of my colleague Hon. Mark Vanterpool to fix the roads…We stopped at Parham Town where we also fixed the road. The next step is to continue that process and go all the way to James Young and down to Long Swamp to improve the road infrastructure.”
The Eighth District Representative also disclosed that there are plans to look at other run-down infrastructure in the District.