Sewerage Problem Is A Major Challenge


Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool has admitted that he has been challenged and bombarded by the issues of sewerage and water throughout his tenure and said that he is hopeful that the matter will come to some solution soon.

In stressing how much the situation has challenged him the Minister referred to the two issues as if he was referring to a major foe. “My biggest nemesis that I have faced for the term that I have been there is the issue of water and the issue of sewerage,” he said.

The Minister, while speaking in the Other Business section of the 28 December House of Assembly sitting announced that he does not feel pleased with the manner in which those two areas have fared and said that he is still trying to rectify the two issues for the Territory: “I am very disappointed that we haven’t accomplished more and I hope that having done the ground work now both for sewerage in East End Long Look area to improve it and the Cane Garden Bay area that we can see some major improvements in the coming year towards the sewerage systems in both those areas.”

As part of the fix Hon. Vanterpool said is the report from FDL Consult Inc. which is a company government signed contract with in May to – among other things – review preliminary designs for the sewerage systems at Cane Garden Bay; review existing designs for East End; and review the recommendations for lift stations for the Road Town Sewer network.

In relating to his expectation from the company the Communications and Works Minister said: “I know the company that we hired FDL have finished their reports on both areas. They are now presenting them and we will take those reports and use them to put the right systems in that will give the answer to sewerage that we need so long.”

Further Hon. Vanterpool said he knows and understands that some of the District Representatives have been pleading for rectifying of the sewerage situation.

The most recent issue of sewerage in the news has been complaints from Second District residents regarding the running of sewerage in their area. In relations to this the Minister said that he is also looking in to sorting this problem out.