Seven Juveniles Charged With Burglarising Primary School


More arrests likely 

Friday, December 30 – Police have charged seven juveniles, including two females, after they admitted to illegally entering the Francis Lettsome Primary School in Greenland at least three times over the holiday weekend resulting widespread property damage.

Four of the seven attend the primary school, while the other three are over primary school age. The minors, between 12 and 16 years, have confessed to the burglaries as well as destroying property and occupying the premises overnight. Additional arrests are likely in this matter.

Upon inspection, Police observed broken glass louvers, damaged roof tiles, principal’s office ransacked, students’ reports and work destroyed, sick beds and bathrooms used and flooded and juices from the kitchette stolen with the empty containers scattered around the premises.

The RVIPF Scene of Crime Officers and Family and Juvenile Unit are continuing investigations in this matter