Set It Off shock Up 2 Da Time 86-85, in Summer Jam opener | Island Sun

Set It Off shock Up 2 Da Time 86-85, in Summer Jam opener

Caption: Set It Off opener the return of Virgin Gorda’s Summer Jam with a thrilling 86-85 victory over Up 2 Da Time

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Travis “Chucky” Issac scored a clutch 3-pointer on a broken play with .06 seconds on the clock, as Set It Off stunned defending champions Up 2 Da Time, 86-85, in the return of the Summer Jam Basketball Tournament on Virgin Gorda, at the Jeffrey Caines Arena on Saturday night.

“The game was a very good game. It’s good to have Summer Jam back on Virgin Gorda and for an opening night, it felt like the last game of a championship game,” Up 2 Da Time Coach Richie Morton said. “The level of competition was really high, the intensity was very high.”

Stephano Paul led Set It Off with 22 points. Shamaar George followed up with a 17 points 11 rebounds double double to go with five steals. Jevon Demming was Up 2 Da Time’s leading scorer with 21 points. Kimron Telemaque chipped in 17 points with six assists.  

Set It Off’s Coach Kennedy Bass said some of his players have played together before but they have new players coming into the squad.

“We’re just trying to find the right mix and we’re not going to get it done in one day or finetuned in one night, but we came out victorious with a thriller shot there from Chucky (Travis Issac),” Bass said. “We decided to play the game the right way in the last three minutes of the game, unfortunately, but we did come out victorious and we’ll build on that.”

Leading up to the last three minutes, Bass said they weren’t playing defense and picked up some technical fouls  after they were up by two possessions.

“If we had kept our composure coming into the last three minutes of the game, we would have won that game outright without having to make that thriller shot,” Bass told Island Sun Sports. “I was really a broken play because we lost four guys—two key players fouling out—Ray Victor and Cedric (Smith) then we lost two players to injuries, so we were down to four players finishing off a game against five. So it was really a broken play, picking up the ball from the sideline, he made one or two dribbles going to the right, then he saw an opportunity to get the ball off with .6 seconds left. We got up by one point with just 6/10th to close it out.”

Bass said they’ll build on the victory, work on their defense, learn to trust each other as they had a lot of ‘careless turnovers.’ With no league for several years, he said everyone is trying to learn from each other.

“You can see some of the guys are definitely out of shape,” he said. “This win is definitely going to give us enlightenment to look forward to playing together, playing the right way and winning more games.”

Up 2 Da Time Coach Richie Morton,  said it was a good game and it was good to have Summer Jam back.

“For the opening night, it was a bang. It felt like a championship night—the last game of a championship—that’s what it felt like,” he told Island Sun Sports. “For me, I’m happy with how my team played. I have three players from the B Division and I have three players to add to my team to make it better.”

Morton said the game has set the tone for the league as the level of competition was ‘really high’ and ‘the intensity and everything was really high.’ He said his team is ‘missing a couple pieces’ and the Jr. players will adjust as the season progresses.

“We run and gun up to the time,” Morton said. “Shoot it. Dunk it. Get the crowd into the game. That’s what we’re about.”

N’Kel Stevens had 21 points and 6 rebounds in leading defending champs Time 2 Wuk past Category Five, 1-4-39 in the B Division. Xiimor Gunn followed up with a 17 points and 11 rebounds double double. Kimari Penn paced Category Five with 12 points.