Serious Port Purcell Issues Persist


A year and months after hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Territory’s main cargo port – Port Purcell is still having issues.

The disclosure was made by Marquese Maduro, who is the Project Manager on the Contractor Registration Form, a project aimed at creating a registry of contractors in the Territory.

While speaking on a government radio program Maduro noted that things are not flowing smoothly at the heavily used facility. He announced: “Following the storms of last year Irma and Maria in September, the port as many people I am sure have seen has been in disarray especially the container port we completely lost one of our warehouses.”

“You have persons that come in there now and they have their cargo sitting in the sun and that type of stuff,” he added.

Back in February Government hired consultants to assist with the unnerving situation at the cargo port in Purcell where residents were complaining that they are unable to receive critically needed building supplies and other important items.

The reason for the port debacle was not clear however, the matter garnered poor feedback as residents who were making use of the import duty breaks were finding it difficult to get their items off the dock. While port officials were citing space constraints.

As a means of remedying the situation Premier and Minister for Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith had disclosed that government hired three consultants, among which was a specialist in Port management. The services of the consultants was expected to ease the situation.

During a public meeting that was held at the Althea Scatliffe School on 24 January the Premier also mentioned the issues arising at the cargo port in Purcell where many have complained there is difficulty clearing imports.