Secondary School Credit System To Be Phased In


In his Ministry’s new year plan outline, Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn announced that the move to replace the subject system with the credit system continues, and that the Department is makings strides towards implementation.

In his education outlook briefing on Monday 10 January Hon. Walwyn told Ministry stakeholders: “We are diligently working on a credit system to be applied at the secondary level as we remove the School Leaving examination and develop full requirements for graduation.”

Under the credit system, Hon. Walwyn explained that students will be required to meet prerequisites such as the National Citizenship Programme, proficiency testing in Mathematics and English Language and the completion of required credits in subjects completed at secondary level.

Currently public high schools in the BVI operate under the subject system where from the first year a number of subjects are taught with a later tapering off to suit the area of study (business, technology, science etc). However, with the credit system the students will be able to select from mandatory and elective courses.

Last year Minister Walwyn made the subject ditching announcement during his remarks at the graduation of the secondary division of the Bregado Flax Educational Centre. The Minister said: “Plans are afoot for the implementation of credits in our senior secondary schools. The introduction of a credit system at the secondary level of the Virgin Islands’ schools has been in discussion and very soon it will be another modification to what currently exists.”

“The rationale for the introduction of credits is to offer students a wider range of subjects for study based on ability and interests and to further align the Virgin Islands’ Education System with internationally accepted standards. This system will require students to accumulate credits at the Senior Secondary School level to be promoted to the next grade level and ultimately to earn a diploma at the end of Senior School,” the Minister stated.

In his explanation of how the program was going to function, Hon. Walwyn said: “Prior to the beginning of the senior year (10th Grade) each student will be required to register for the Programme of choice to be undertaken in the Senior Secondary School. Each course is designed with a weight or credit value. The credit system will enable students to accumulate credits over a three-year period and hence meet the qualifications for graduation.”