Scooters Continue To Raise Concerns


Scooters have always been a matter of concern from a traffic and road use perspective, but of recent there have been public calls for restrictions of scooter use on the Territory’s roads. These calls have included requests for a ban or curfew to be implemented against these forms of bikes. The Premier has disclosed that he is aware of calls for government intervention as it relates to scooter riders.

Hon. Smith while speaking at a joint press conference with Governor Augustus Jaspert on 27 February explained that the issues and suggestions relating to scooter use have been brought to his attention. It is in this vein that the Premier disclosed that the curfew suggestion was on the table.

The BVI leader said: “I understand the concerns about scooters, even before the criminal activity, the scooters cause noise, disturbance and everything. While it is important that people are able to use their modes of transportation which they have and also to go into work and for recreation — it is also important that they also observe the needs of other people who live in various communities.”

The Premier said: “One of the challenges we have had with scooters is persons wearing helmets or not wearing helmets…this is something that we are looking at again. The fines that are being levied where they are now is very small and it is something we are looking at because for the safety of the same young people who are riding the scooters that they continue to wear their helmets.”

In further explaining the curfew proposal Hon. Smith told the media: “They’ll be off the road by a certain time, but that of course has to be balanced with their need to get home and get to work etc. These are things which are being looked at and considered and we will come up with a plan that will hopefully be able to reduce the use of these types of vehicles for criminal duties,” the Premier added.