Premier and Minister for Finance, Hon. Andrew Fahie stated that Government is keen on reinstating the scholarship program that was halted last year because of financial difficulties.

The Premier announced during the budget debate that this is one of the areas that funding had to be found for. He told the House: “We are trying to get a bit of money to jump start again the scholarship program. It was stopped based on what was in the Standing Finance — Irma came. They had to stop it, fine, but they say since then they always were told no money is available; that’s what the Permanent Secretary told us in Standing Finance. We have to find that money now, which we did some of it to go and help our people to go to school,” the Premier stressed.

In fact, Hon. Fahie announced that government has secured the funds for the programme. “We found some money towards assistance grant to help those go to school. We would not be able to pay and help everybody but it’s better than nothing. You cannot have a country that’s not making sure it educates its people into the tertiary level. It cannot operate that way,” the Premier stated.

Last year former Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn disclosed that his Ministry was forced to put a temporary hold on the scholarship program for that year following the hurricanes and the economic complications that resulted.

While speaking in the House of Assembly on 23 March 2018 the then Minister disclosed that the situation was a hard one considering that the scholarship program allows many who otherwise would not have been able to afford higher learning to pursue their study.