Scheduled Ferry Service To Anegada is too Limited: Report Says


Frequent ferry trips to the sister island of Anegada were recommended by the Deputy Governor’s Office in an annual report that was laid on the table of the 2 November sitting of the House of Assembly.
The report stated that at present there is a ferry service that plies the Tortola – Anegada route, and it was noted that the said service provides needed access to both islands. However, the present ferry schedule severely hinders government departments in situations where travel to Anegada is necessary.

“The Anegada community could be better served by Government Departments if there was a ferry service between Virgin Gorda and Anegada doing three trips per day. Public officers currently do not frequent Anegada as much as they should because the trip takes an entire day, and often very little is achieved,” the report said.

The document also noted that there would be added use of additional ferry service to the island: “Anegada could also be accessed from Virgin Gorda, and persons wishing to connect to Tortola can easily do so, especially with the expanded ferry schedule. Anegada’s economy and level of service would receive a huge boost if a regular Anegada—Virgin Gorda schedule is to be implemented. This would create an opportunity to improve the service delivery on this island and provide easier accessibility to services and amenities.”