Saturday Night Fights kicks off Boxing series

Coach, referee and promoter Julan Brown, center with Arthur Corion, left and Travis Jack following their bout.

Coach, referee and promoter Julan Brown, center with Arthur Corion, left and Travis Jack following their bout.

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

More than six years in the making after the U.S. Virgin Islands Boxing Federation helped spurred the passion, Saturday Night Fights kicked off a Boxing series in the BVI at the East End Long Look Community Center.
Male and female fighters who were part of the MMA fight card put on the gloves on Saturday night for the series that actually began a week earlier with two nine year olds kicking off the action.

Teia Hudley Edwards who fought Gretchen Williams in the female bout climbed back into the ring for the first time since the MMA bout.

“It was pretty good. I wasn’t at my best and had been out of the gym for at least two weeks so I guess I have to get back in their training again,” she said, noting that she prepared for the MMA bout. “After that, I thought I’d made it and I just stopped training and started eating so I have to get back.”
Edwards Williams said is a great fighter though she has not been training and it will be interesting to see her in a few weeks after training.

“I’ll probably take a few more blows to the head,” she stated. “But tonight I was working on breathing and not panicking. It’s scary to go into the ring because you know you’re gong to get hit and you don’t know what’s going to happen. You might get knocked out. You could loose a tooth. I don’t want those things to happen to me.”

Williams said the Saturday night fights is a great opportunity for people to try the sport, those who want to spectators, adding that it’s also great for fitness and builds confidence and its an amazing sport.

Coach and referee Julan Brown who spearheads the Iron Fists Boxing Gym and is the promoter of Saturday Night Fights says its an opportunity for anyone to get involved in the sport.

“Things have been going really good and tonight we had more locals coming out,” he noted. “We’re getting the support, people are calling, people are facebooking and they are asking how and where they can find the gym. After last week, we had four new students and following tonight we’ll be looking for more.”

Brown said one father has inquired about his 2-year old taking lessons. He said the program currently has participants from six years upwards.

Heavy weight Travis Jack had been focusing on MMA training and took a break after his coach became ill and was unaware of the boxing. He and Arthur Corion mixed it up.

“This is a lot of work still but it’s just awesome. It’s a lot of mind control like MMA. I would encourage anyone to come out and try it,” he said. “This is actually a good promotion for the BVI. While the gym doesn’t have all the equipment if we can get some people sponsoring us, this will be awesome for the territory.”

Corion’s girlfriend signed him up for boxing. “This is a good activity, it keeps the gangs out and brings in the youths,” he said. “It’s a new sport on Tortola instead of basketball, volleyball or something else. It helps relieve stress.”

Saturday night fights series continues at 8 p.m. on Saturday at the East End Long Look Community Center.