Rvipf To Roll Out New Uniforms


20140620_112743Come July 1st, officers of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force will have a new look.

Out with the green and dark grey wool and polyester blend and in with more modern professional materials that are better suited for the tropics, easier to clean and smarter in appearance.

A review of the RVIPF uniform by senior managers and officers themselves showed that the material used in manufacturing the old uniforms was outdated and over time substitution and switches were made with little or no consistency among the officers. In addition, the old design could not accommodate the new officer safety equipment that operational officers are now trained to use and carry.

This change in the uniform, now part of the Police Amendment Regulations, addresses materials, manufacturing consistency and cost as well as the need for fit-for-purpose attire with the health and safety of officers in mind. In addition to the new material for the uniforms, the metal badges will also be replaced with embroidered badges and insignia.

The new design is better suited for a modern policing service while still retaining the traditional community policing approach and professional appearance.

All officers will now wear black trousers with ½” white stripe. Constables, Sergeants, Inspectors and Chief Inspectors will wear a light grey short sleeve shirt while Superintendents, the Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner will wear a white short sleeve shirt. All shirts will have the embroidered Force badge on the left chest and the vigilate on the right sleeve.

Officers will continue to wear a black cap with black and white checker band and braid according to rank and epaulettes embroidered with rank. Each officer will also continue to wear black shoes/boots and belt, plus have on hand a special duty belt to carry officer safety equipment. Weather jackets and wind breakers will also have the embroidered patches.