Rvipf Mourns Loss Of Constable Kimbelie Lewis


4-OCT-2014-POLICE-WOMANThursday, October 2 – Officers of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force are today mourning the sudden loss of a second police officer this year.

Woman Constable Kimbelie Lewis, 31, was unresponsive on arrival at Peebles Hospital this morning after falling ill at home and was later pronounced dead.

Officers of all ranks gathered at the hospital to confirm the news and to share their grief over the sudden loss with the assistance from the Crisis Intervention Team.

In that gathering, Commissioner of Police David Morris among others shared his personal sorrow at the loss of Constable Lewis who he had come to admire and respect.

“I am grieved over the loss of Constable Lewis. She proved and surpassed all my expectations of her when she was first interviewed to become a police officer in this Force. From the beginning of her short two-year tenure she gave of her best with an extraordinary manner and attitude. She very quickly displayed the competence to become a valued member of our highly specialized Immediate Response Unit and a firearms tactical officer.  She proved a worthy member of that team; able to sustain the stamina and endurance of her male colleagues,” the Commissioner said.

“Several letters of commendation are presently on her file which is indicative of her good work within the short period of time she has served in the RVIPF. I will personally miss her. She was a dedicated, professional officer who served the community of the Virgin Islands,” the Commissioner concluded.

The Commissioner encouraged officers to take time to grieve the loss and support colleagues who are doing the same.

Constable Lewis is a native of St. Vincent and the Grenadian. She was appointed to the post of Constable in August 2012 as a transferee of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force. She last served as an officer of the RVIPF Immediate Response Team.

RVIPF is liaising with family members of Constable Lewis in St. Vincent and with the Commissioner of Police for the Police Force in St. Vincent Mr. Michael Charles who has appointed Family Liaison Officer.

The cause of her death is still to be determined.

In early March of this year, Inspector Leonard Fahie was also pronounced dead on arrival at Peebles Hospital.