Rvipf Launches Firearm And Prohibited Weapon Amnesty


Wednesday, July 1 – With the amended Firearms and Air Gun Act 2015 now enacted, the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force is launching a Firearm and Prohibited Weapons Amnesty in the month of July.

The RVIPF hopes that persons during the month-long campaign will use the opportunity, in light of the increased prison terms, to turn over all illegal or prohibited weapons in their possession to Police.

Commissioner of Police David Morris noted that with the new Act, the penalties are stiffer for persons found in possession of an illegal weapon.

“With the introduction of this legislation persons who are illegally in possession of a firearm can be sentenced for a minimum term of five to 15 years. Our aim, however, is not to incarcerate persons for lengthy sentences. Our goal is to rid the streets illegal weapons. We are hoping for the cooperation of families, friends and community in successfully clearing our streets and homes of all illegal weapons. Hence, we are launching this amnesty to encourage persons to surrender their unlicensed or prohibited firearms before it is too late.”

The Amnesty for Firearms and Prohibited Weapons will run from today, July 1 until July 30. Surrender illegal and prohibited firearms or weapons to any police station at any time during this period and there will be no questions asked. For more information, call the RVIPF three digit access number 311.