Rvi Police Force Gets Funds & Pay Hikes


The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force was given prominence in the 2019 budget as Premier and Minister for Finance, Hon. Andrew Fahie announced allocations to fund law enforcement initiatives and even pay increase for officers.

During his budget address delivered on 2 April Hon. Fahie announced: “We are allocating more money to the police this year to assist law enforcement agencies perform their duties more effectively. Additional money, pay hikes, will go to the officers as well.”

Over the years and especially following hurricanes Irma in 2017 the police officers working at various police stations around the Territory have been working under less that proper conditions and the Premier announced that budgetary efforts have been made to fix this issue.

He announced that money was allocated for repairs: “To provide a safe working environment and to enhance the level of service offered by the RVIPF $1,566,000 has been allocated to continue the rehabilitation.”

However, the Premier announced: “The majority of this work will be carried out by the RDA, except for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Police Headquarters which commenced last year. This project is scheduled to be completed this year.”

Further the Premier said that his commitment transcends the RVIPF to include all law enforcement organizations in the Territory. He also stressed the importance of national security as well. “Mr. Speaker, National Security is everyone’s business. Given the porous nature of our borders and the inherent risks this poses, my Government pledges the continued support to all border control agencies to ensure that each citizen, resident, and visitor feels safe within the shores of these Virgin Islands.”

Additionally, the Premier announced that $1,030,500 has been allocated to the RVIPF’s budget for the supply and installation of CCTV and related equipment. It was also mentioned that this is being funded from the $2,571,942 remaining balance of the $5,000,000 Cabinet allocated in 2018 to HM Customs, Immigration Department and the RVIPF to strengthen their response capabilities.