Runners tune up for 15th Ogier-Deloitte BVI Sunrise Half Marathon

Young runners round the first cone in their One Mile race, that was run in conjunction with the 10K final 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Jermaine “JJ” Rickettes set the pace as the curtains came down on the 10K Series in Road Town on Saturday, a final tune up for the 15th Ogier-BVI Half Marathon on November 27. Ricketts had a winning time in the race from the Festival Grounds to Baughers, then to the Prospect Reef Roundabout and return, in 38 minutes and 43 seconds. He was followed by Julius Farley in 40:09 and Dereck Rawlins, 40:12.

“I’m very much satisfied, it was a little hard at the end,” Ricketts said of his race. “My strategy was to do my best, have fun and do like 35. It was pretty good actually, I hope to do the same pace for the Half. I like the course so it should be good.”

Farley said he was satisfied with his race after being off for three months and only got three runs in during the last week. “Dereck was pushing me all that way, as a matter of fact, this morning I just came out to see what I could get done, but Dereck kept pushing me,” he noted. “So in preparation for the Half, I just need to go out there and get in a little more training, in order to be up there with JJ. It’s the same course for the first leg of the Tortola Torture. I love that course.”

On a return visit to the BVI, James Carr, fourth in 41:57, said it was ‘difficult’ race as there are some good runners in the BVI.

“The standard has definitely gone up, they’re quicker,” he noted. “My time today was probably what it was about eight years ago and there were a lot of people quicker and that’s impressive. I’m going to do the Half—I’ve done two here and the Virgin Gorda Half Marathon—It’s a nice flat course and I’ll try and get a competitive time. Like today, I haven’t run that time in quite some time so it’s really good that I’ve got these runners pushing me so hopefully, I’ll get a good time in the Half as well.”

Katrina “Kat” Lindsay, fifth overall, was the top woman in 41:57. She was followed by Rosemond “Rose” Johnson in 51:22 and Meenaa Azmayesh in 55:46. Lindsay said she knew it was going to be a fast course and wanted to test herself.

“I set my pace to a faster time than I did last time out, just to see if I could hold it and I did and I’m pleased with that run,” she said. “I’m looking forward to the Half now, I feel like my fitness is back where it was before I had that time off and I look forward to getting a good time in the Half.”

Johnson said she had been running in the previous 10Ks as she builds up for the Half, but isn’t a fan of the Road Town to West End course.

“It’s so boring,” she quipped. “I don’t like it. It’s too flat. I prefer a little mixture like hills, flat, downhills, it’s just nicer that way. I don’t like it when it’s flat. I stop a lot. I stop, walk and go. I do interval runs. I stop and walk a lot more when I do a flat run.”

Race Director Kay Reddy said Saturday’s race had three options. A One Mile for Kids, a 5K and the 10K. “This course was the first almost five miles of the Half Marathon, so anybody that came out today knows what they are in for. “We’ll hit the outskirts of town just as the sun comes up and this Half Marathon is famous for that,” she said. “Runners are silhouetted against the sunrise—absolutely beautiful—and from there, you have an absolutely gorgeous run to West End. We have over 40 signed up so far and we’re expecting over 50 and it’s going to be a fantastic run.”