Rumors About VIP Candidates Clarified


Following reports that persons in the Community are already identifying themselves as Virgin Islands Party candidates President of the VIP Dr. Natalio Wheatley issued a press release to make it clear that the Party never selected those candidates.

In the press release Dr. Wheatley explained that the decision on the candidates that will run under the Party banner for the 2019 general elections has not been made yet. The Party President announced: “The Virgin Islands Party is hard at work fielding a team of persons who love the BVI and will put country above and before self.”

On the other hand Dr. Wheatley disclosed that persons have been approaching the Party expressing interest in running under the VIP banner: “We have a number of such persons interested and talks are ongoing. However, to date the Virgin Islands Party’s Congress has not met to select any candidate whether At-Large or otherwise. We ask the public not to be misguided by anyone who says differently at this time.”

Since there has not been an official selection, the oldest surviving party is urging the public to disregard any announcement by persons claiming to be VIP candidates. Further the Party Chairman stated that the names of the selected candidates will be officially announced.

“As soon as the [VIP] Congress votes on the slate of candidates, which is in the near future, the VIP will come to the public to officially make an announcement. Until then, please do not be misled by anyone who states that they have been selected as a candidate on the VIP ticket for the next General Elections. We are aware that rumors persist about who may be running as At-large candidates and who may be running in the Third district, but I assure you that these are just mere distractions that do not reflect the future and new direction of the Virgin Islands Party. The VIP Congress will decide,” Dr. Wheatley said.

During an interview with The Island Sun newspaper on Tuesday 5 December Hon. Fahie confirmed that persons are indicating interest in standing for public office: “I can state that many, many, many, persons continue to come forward to join the party and also express their interest in running with the VIP. It is fair to say that we are in the advanced stages of soon being called to order in terms of the VIP Congress to start to select the other 12 candidates that will be running with the VIP.”