RTW Promises Lower Prices


Last week Roadtown Wholesale (RTW) announced that in the coming months residents will see lower prices on key products as the company implements mechanisms to offer its customers big savings.

The company promise that over the next two weeks, price reductions will be easily identifiable with new signage highlighting cost savings throughout stores.

In a press release dated 19 June, Guy Strickland, Managing Director at RTW said: “Customers can expect to see savings on key grocery, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, water, and many other items in our stores over the next couple of weeks.”

The Managing Director noted that the savings are a result of various company improvements: “Thanks to improvements in our distribution channel and the sourcing of products at better prices, we are able to pass along savings in excess of $1.5 million to our customers,” Mr. Strickland said.

“This follows through on our commitment to make retail and wholesale products more affordable for our customers, and to attract retail spending that is taking place outside of the BVI,” he further explained

The internal improvements and work that was done to reflect better prices was also touted by Elvis Pusey, Head of Purchasing at RTW. He pointed out that this is not an overnight occurrence: “Our prices will be getting better every day! Over the past several months, our team of dedicated RTW buyers has worked hard to save money for our customers. Our team is excited about passing on these savings to our customers.”