Roxie Romney Criticises Incumbent: Sewage Problem Remains


Roxie_Romney-004-(1)Virgin Islands Party Candidate for the Fourth District, JoAnn Roxie Romney told a large gathering during her launch on 21 May, that her opponent (Minister, Mark Vanterpool) made promises that were not kept.

Ms. Romney announced: “The two people in this race to represent this District both come from a business background, the question is, who might use this advantage to better empower the people of this Community? The choice is yours.”

She announced that her vision of the Fourth District is one that is properly equipped with adequate infrastructures, is commercially driven, and ready to proudly represent the Capital of the Virgin Islands.

The Virgin Islands Party candidate announced that her first task, once elected, would be to repair and renovate neglected infrastructures. This first task she said will be supplemented with needed upgrades and extensions.

“The NDP will say that you have Peebles Hospital and Crafts Alive, but what about other places in Road Town such as Lower Estate, the Softball Field, and the Festival Grounds which all desperately need work in order to bring uniformity and harmony to the Capital? What about upgrading Road Town Band Stand? The Band Stand area is not completed and we are committed to do the job so that families and community groups can be encouraged to attend or promote concerts and other cultural events,” she announced.

Ms. Romney expressed concern about the Old Administration Complex and the High Court building. She stated: “What are we doing with the old Administration and Post Office Building on Main Street? This Building, a historic landmark for Road Town, DESERVES to be restored to its former glory…The High Court House / Legislature Building and its grounds, are simply an embarrassment to us!!! … A place where our Leaders, past and present, are honoured in death, and on the walls of the House of Assembly, where our laws are enacted. It is time to improve that facility. We are proud BV Islander and we want to be proud of our Capital.”

In her criticism of incumbent’s representation, the VIP Candidate said: “You will have realized these past years that in the process of getting the cruise pier extension pushed through by whatever means necessary our incumbent did not give sufficient attention to critical basic infrastructural issues and today those basic infrastructures are in need of swift attention.”


“When we speak of the pride we have for our District, the Capital of this great BVI Nation, I am offended that this Government would have you believe that the sewage problem is no longer an issue and that the scent of sewerage has been eliminated from the Capital ….  Doesn’t the NDP Government and the incumbent, in particular for this District realize that the scent of sewerage still permeates the air we breathe and that we are, as a result, still at risk from diseases and other health hazards?  What do you think, the long term effects are on our children, pregnant women and the elderly, when exposed to sewage day in and day out.”

In outlining what her other undertakings as District Representative would be Ms. Romney said: “My second undertaking will be to promote, the creation of a vibrant business center that caters to residents and visitors. The aim would be to have a Capital, with a free flow of business enterprises, which will be creating diverse choices of services.”

She added: “A vibrant business environment, will require an improved quality of life for all. This will only be achieved if we look at raising the minimum wage. We won’t be able to encourage the youth to take a chance and go into business, or people to think outside the box, if hand to mouth is still a harsh daily reality.  As it stands, when faced with constant increase of Government fees and taxes, like we are now, day to day living or surviving is still an issue for many.”