Rotary Sunrise Ties Rotary Of Tortola In Dramatic College Classic Series

Some 119 participants take off in the 2-Miles section of the College Classic Series

Some 119 participants take off in the 2-Miles section of the College Classic Series

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

While Gayle Lindsay, a former 400/800m was on holiday visiting her twin sister and churning out a victory in the process and Rebuen Stoby was continuing his winning ways, the Rotary Sunrise Club was putting the pedal to the metal to tie defending champions Rotary Club of Tortola, who hadn’t lost a Service Clubs Cross Country race in the last 11 seasons of the Mourant Ozannes College Classic Series.

In pulling off the surprise performance, Rotary Sunrise, placed four of its runners in the top six, to score 38 points and tied the Rotary Club of Tortola who also had 38.

“One of the most exciting part of the race was in two particular areas—the One Mile Division and the Service Clubs Cross Country division,” noted race director Stephanie Russ Penn. “Sam Potgieter continues do dominate the event running a tremendous mile in 6 minutes and 34.2 seconds, improving on the 6:42.2 he ran in the first race. Then, something we haven’t seen before, the Rotary Club Sunrise pushing the Rotary Club of Tortola. They came out really strong this race No. 2 and that added a little fire to that category, because it’s up in the air as to who will be the overall champion as they are now closer then they’ve even been with the Rotary Club of Tortola leading by one. So, I’m excited to see what will happen next and looking forward to the season as it progresses.”

In the 2 Miles race, Lindsay ran a time of 13 minutes and 38.50 seconds as the fastest woman and placed fifth overall of all the 175 entrants in the segment.

“I don’t think I’ve run two miles before but I can run a mile under six minutes,” Lindsay said. “It was a good race and the course was nice—a nice downhill on the way back. It was nice to have a good turnout with all the kids and different age groups. A nice race.”

Overall winner and defending champ Stoby was first across the line in 11:28.56.

“I was hoping to chase the record but I had a really poor start, didn’t get to start my watch properly, several persons were in front of me and it took a while to really get into my stride so that sort of affected me,” Stoby explained, noting that he’ll have to get out faster next time. “I try not to go too hard because I still have to worry about the hill, so I don’t want to got that route, but, apparently, I’ll have to do that just to get away from the bunch.”

Race Results; Top 10 finishers in each divisionONE MILE (Under 9 & 11) Boys: 1. Sam Potgieter, 6:34.56.  2. Malik Christopher. 6:58.20. 3. Kael Chalwell, 7:06.41. 4. Jahneal Frett, 7:07.40.  5. Charlie Potgieter, 7:10.20. 6. Jahnear Frett, 7:25.53.  7. Rush Broderick, 7:31.50.  8. Latriel Williams, 7:36.97.  9. Niklaus Vorgel, 7:41.19.  10. Antuwn Maduro, 7:41.71.

Girls: 1.Asia McMaster, 8:06.10.  2. Nejma Robinson, 8:07.68.  3. Chanecia Pinnock, 8:23.40.  4. Martha Killourhy, 8:35.28.  5. Olivia Quayle, 8:36.69.  6. Kassa Lake, 9:14.31.  7.  Taryn Augustine, 9:41.15.  8. Sofia Chilton, 9:59.75. 9. Jomauria Levon, 10:24.53.  10. M’kenzii Crabbe10:26.16.

Complete 2 Mile Race Results:

TWO MILE: Open Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 11:28.56.  2. Julius Farley, 12:09.86.  3. Samuel Romney, 12:10.35.  4. Zebalon McLean, 13:26.82.  5. Adrian Dale, 14:02.17.  6. Patrick Ormond, 14:27.61.  7. Reu Rhymer, 14:36.63.  8. Claudius Rhymer, 14:38.23.  9. Donald Stone, 14:56.55.  10. Luka Chalwell, 15:17.92.

Open Females: 1. Gayle Lindsay, 13:38.50.  2. Claire Banks, 14:46.08.  3. Katrina Lindsay, 14:47.43.  4. Gillian Plaxton, 15:09.43.  5. Kay Reddy, 16:25.18.    6. Philomena Robertson, 17:12.18.  7. Jahtivya Williams, 17:33.52.  8. Zoe Bickerton, 18:09.05.  9. Sarah Duncan, 18:17.93.  10. Angela Burnett-Penn, 18:41.72.

Cross Country
Primary Schools Teams: Cedar School Primary (CS), Francis Lettsome Primary (FLPS), Joyce Samuel Primary (JSPS), Pelican Gate (PG), Willard Wheatley (WWPS) 1. M’khori Crabbe (JSPS), 17:08.99.  2. Jahshani Farrington (FLPS), 17:22.99.  3. Kianjah Roberts (JSPS), 20:43.90.  4. Makeda Gumbs (JSPS), 20:44.10.  5. Jesse Cockburn (JSPS), 20:46.18.  6. Jahnare Farrington (FLPS), 21:30.96.  7. Jessimee Estridge (FLPS), 22:18.91.  8. Kavon Wheatley (FLPS), 22:48.09.  9. Jahmarley Frett (WWPS), 22:48.36.  10. Rickie Haywood (FLPS), 22:58.54.

Points: 1. Joyce Samuel Primary Team 1, 19.  2. Francis Lettsome, 33.  3. Joyce Samuel Primary Team 2, 65.  4. Willard Wheatley, 25 (2 participants).

Secondary Schools Teams: Cedar School (CS), Elmore Stoutt Carlisle House (C), St. Georges (St.G): 1. Liam Blok (CS), 12:40.07.  2. Sean Wong (CS), 16:18.74.  3. Tola Broderick (CS), 19:51.32.  4. Johannes Blok (CS), 27:34.56

Points: By Teams/Houses: 1. Cedar School

Service Clubs: Rotaract Club (RC), Rotary of Road Town (RR), Rotary Sunrise of Road Town (RS), Rotary of Tortola, (RT): Michael Killourhy (RT), 12:34.14, 2. Saungie Liburd (RC), 14:40.67. 3. Stacy-Ann Wynter (RT),  16:54.64.  4. Marvin Flax (RS), 18:14.22.  5. Adenike Flax (RS), 18:38.27.  6. Tamara Cameron (RS), 19:00.97.  7. Allison Gumbs (RC), 20:38.86.  8. Audley Maduro (RT), 21:31.88.  9. Jevaughn Rymer (RC), 21:53.27.  10. Richard Parsons (RR), 22:06.91.

Points: (tie) 1. Rotary of Sunrise, 38 and Rotary of Tortola, 38.  3. Rotaract, 33 (4 participants). 4. Rotary of Road Town, 10 (1 participant)

Community Partners: BVI Swim Team (BVISWIM), Cedar School Parents/Teachers (CSPTA), Digicel (D), H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC), Joyce Samuel Parent/Teachers (JSPTA), Limitless Fitness (LF),  Montessori Parent/Teachers (MPTA), Pelican Gate Parent/Teacher (PGPTA).  1. Kedrick Matthew (DIG), 13:37.75.  2. Al Broderick (Cedar PTA), 14:19.62.  3. Juliane Potgieter (MPTA), 14:45.55.  4. Jessica Broderick (CPT), 15:24.59.  5. Anna Kinkead (CPT), 16:35.64.  6. Rhiannon Jones (CPT), 16:40.47.  7. Earle Henry (HLSCC), 18:21.18.  8. Matthew Cockburn (JPTA), 18:28.84.  9. Elizabeth Buratti (MPTA), 20:42.56.  10. Ariana Forbes (LF), 20:48.90.

Points: 1. Cedar School PTA Team-1, 43.  2. Joyce Samuel PTA, 95.  3. HLSCC, 48 (4 participants),  4. Digicel, 64 (4 participants).  5. Montessori PTA, 28 (3 participant).   6. Pelican Gate PTA, 39 (2 participants).