Roaming Cows Remain A Nuisance


A resident lamented the situation of roaming cows in the Territory, and announced during the NDP radio program on May 1 that the situation is a nuisance to him and a hindrance to his attempt to cultivate a kitchen garden.

The resident directed his complaint to Junior Minister for Tourism and At Large Representative, Hon. Archibald Christian stating that he is frustrated about the situation. The resident also enquired about assistance or recourse he could get in relation to ridding his property from roaming cows.

“Hon Christian you know better than anybody else how important it is to keep your property landscaped and beautiful because that is one things you always note, that persons should keep their property in good shape. It’s also good for the country…What can you do for me in relation to these cows on the streets, Hon Archibald Christian? You know where I live, you know who is speaking,” the resident announced.

“I can’t get nothing grow up in my yard at all, simply because I cannot afford to fence up my property.” He further stated that it’s not fair for every cow in Long Trench to come into his yard and eat out everything or trample on them. “I can’t get anything grow,” he added.

In response to the complaint Hon. Christian offered to explore solutions to the problem and noted that perhaps the Agriculture Department might be able to assist: “I sympathize with your plight on your unfortunate situation with those animals…and sometimes unless persons take action in their hands, the owners always never own the animals…As you indicated you are not in a position to fence it right now and it is unfortunate that we just don’t have the resources to get to persons right away in order to remove the animals.”