Roaming Cows Infuriate Fahie Hill Resident


“Who is responsible?” a Fahie Hill resident asked during the Speak Out BVI radio program as he complained about the damages his property continues to suffer as a result of stray cows.

During the 19 January program the resident explained that he enjoys planting in his yard, but everything he has tried to grow has been eaten by the roaming cows.

“I spoke to the police before Christmas, I spoke to Agriculture they said they didn’t have any transport, I spoke to the Ministry and they never answered me. I went back and I spoke to the Governor office and they responded about three days after, but up to now I don’t know what is happening, so I just want to know what’s happening,” the resident announced.

The Fahie Hill man stated that everything he planted has been eaten by cows, and he does not know where to turn for recourse. He said the Governor’s Office responded and promised to ask the Agriculture Department to look at the damage, but he said that Agriculture Department personnel never showed. He noted that when he enquired he was told that the no-show was because of transportation difficulties.

“They are saying that fishing and agriculture might be the third or fourth pillar, but when the cow is coming up here eating everything and nobody is coming how we’re going to make this third pillar,” the resident declared.

The resident went on to name the owners of the cows that plague his yard and stated that the cows were attacking his property from various points: “So they attack me from the bottom, and they attack me from the top and I had to go and spend $500 today to buy barbwire and post. Although my place fence they shoving their head through and pulling the fence down. So I want to know who is responsible,” he said.