Riley Lindsay Leads 150 In HLSCC-Mourant College Classic Series Opener


Saungie Liburd, right, leading a group of chase runners in the HLSCC-Mourant College Classic Series

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Neil Riley and Katrina “Kat” Lindsay, were the top male and female finishers in Saturday’s HLSCC-Mourant College Classic Series, that kicked off its 24thyear with 150 participants in Paraquita Bay.

“It’s my first race in a long time, probably since last December so I’m pretty pleased to be back running to be honest,” Riley who’s coming off injuries told Island Sun Sports. “I ran a little quicker today than I expected so I’m pleased overall that I’m fit and back.” 

Having run on the course just once, Riley said he forgot that it was deceptively steep and tiring and went out too fast.

“On the way back, I suffered for it but once you run it a couple of times, you know what you’re getting into and you’ll iron out those problems,” he explained, noting that staying fit and improving his time is his goal. “There’s probably a good 30 seconds to come off that I hope over the next couple of months, but staying fit and been able to run in the main thing now.”

Lindsay described the opener as ‘tough.’ “You think you remember it from last year, but you only remember the good bits, then you go and run it and you think, wait, I forgot about this bit  and the longest hill goes on,” she noted. “I went off a bit too fast as I was really going for a good time and paid for it coming back down. The last bit felt like running against a hurricane, it was pretty tough going.”

StacyAnn Bobb—who has competed before—was among five of the 20 Royal Promotions members participating.

“It was difficult as first for me personally, because I’m a bit out of shape you know,” Bobb said. “But as the race continued, it got better. Did a little walking, a little jogging—no hard running—because I cannot do that.”

Running mate Kimberly Drummonds said it was challenging.

“But, I decided that I had to push through to say that I completed something,” the debutant said. “I felt the incline between the college and agriculture—felt like I wanted to drop down—but, I did not, thank God.”

Shanique Prescott said it was rough. 

“It was my first time and I wanted to give up halfway and I didn’t so I’m proud of myself,” she said. “I thought it would have been an easy little walk run. It was more than I expected, to be honest.”

Race Director Stephanie Russ Penn, said it was a good race that began with a fast time and they had good participation from the Community Partners and the Service Clubs showed up.

“I’m hoping for more Primary and Secondary students, so I’m just letting you know that the next race is on September 28, get your shoes on and get prepared,” she said. “The first race of the Virgin Gorda Series will kick off on Sept 21.”