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Ricketts, Lindsay tops inaugural Hauteville West End 5K

Caption: Over 60 participants taking off in the inaugural Hauteville West End 5K run 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Jermaine “JJ” Ricketts and Katrina “Kat” Lindsay, were Saturday’s winners of the inaugural Hauteville West End 5K run, with time of 18 minutes 03.6 seconds and 19:15.8 respectively. The race attracted over 60 participants.

“The plan was to have fun and do my best and it was great and I’m thankful for that,” Ricketts who was aiming to run under 18 minutes, told Island Sun Sports after his race. “I thank everyone who came out and supported the West End 5K run. It was hot, but it was good.”

Ricketts who was on the winning 2-Man relay team in the recent KPMG Tortola Torture and ran 17 miles, said he had no problems with recovery. “I did my best, didn’t hurt myself, so that was good,” he noted. “Julius (Farley) he set the pace and I’m thankful for that and I did it without injury. At the end, I was feeling a little cramp, but five minutes after that, I was good.”

Farley was second in 18:47.0. “Jermaine legs were too fast for me to keep up with,” he said. “I just can’t keep up with those young legs anymore. I do a little training in and out, but I still think I need to go out and work on my speed. That’s my biggest concern, my speed.”

Farley said it was a great course, but it was hot.

Lindsay said she had a good night’s rest and it helped inspire her to get a personal best of 19:15.8. Her new vapor fly shoes were also a help she said.

“I think the main difference is the carbon plate that’s in these shoes over the others—I don’t know the exact science behind it—but it allows you to be more efficient and save more energy when you’re running,” she explained. “You can run faster for longer and I felt good today.”

Like everyone else, Lindsay said the race was hot, adding that you could get the lesser of two evils—the wind to cool you down which pushes you back when you’re running— or you get it nice and still, but it’s so hot.

“It’s probably good to have no wind so you can go nice and fast,” she said.

Lindsay said she has been having a good season and hopes to go faster. She said she’s not sure if it’s because last year’s season which was knocked out by Covid, she’s feeling rested. “It sounds like such a simple thing, but it makes a big difference,” she stated.

Lia Claxton was second in 23:25.9 and said her race wasn’t as fast as her last outing. “I guess I’m not used to this course so I just have to continue practicing and my time will get better,” said Claxton, a member of the Talent Ex Track Club. “Going around the track is kind of monotonous, so I prefer running on the road where you can enjoy the scenery and competition. I don’t know the guy but he keeps passing me, so next time, he’s not going to beat me again.”

Race Director Kay Reddy, told Island Sun sports that the inaugural race went down well as it’s flat, fast and they had some amazing times. “We had some many people under 20 minutes which is so unusual to see,” she said. “There was no wind today which is great for runners on this course, which was very unusual to see, which is great for the runners on this course.”  

Final Results. Men: 1. Jermaine Ricketts, 18 minutes, 03.6 seconds. 2. Julius Farley, 18:47.0. 3. Derek Rawlings, 18:57.2. 4. Mark Stephenson, 20:10.0. 5.       Samuel Romney, 20:58.0. 6. Iain Tucker, 20:58.9. 7. Sergio Dantas, 21:21.8. 8. Oleg Boyko, 21:47.5. 9. Lennon Dabreo, 21:54.9. 10. Toni Bonzon, 22:45.0. 11. Jelani Croal, 23:03.0. 12. Sam Potgeiter, 23:37.0. 13. Charlie Potgeiter, 23:58.0. 14. Zebalon McLean, 25:08.9. 15. Aaron Gardner, 25:13.1. 16. Scott Tolliss, 26:03.7. 17. Nicholas Clark, 27:25.1. 18. Rupert Johnson, 27:59.9. 19. Alric Smith, 28:58.9. 20. Jose Francisco Banay, 29:45.4.

Women: 1. Katrina “Kat” Lindsay, 19:15.8. 2. Lia Claxton, 23:25.9. 3. Johanna Murphy, 23:33.7. 

4. Cate Armstrong, 24:15.6. 5. Rebecca Paull, 24:18.8. 6. Vicki Francis, 24:35.0. 7. Tuneisha Johnson, 25:39.3. 8. Ksenia Shvalova, 26:13.0. 9. Sarah Carroll, 26:29.3. 10. Debbie Bell, 26:31.1.

11.Rosmond Johnson, 26:39.0. 12. Haley White, 26:40.0. 13. Sarah Latham, 27:53.1.14. Kay Reddy, 27:56.0. 15. Tiffany Tolliss, 28:47.7. 16. Saungie Liburd, 29:41.4. 17. Kate Carey, 32:56.6.    

18. Rebecca Clark, 33:00.0. 19. Mary Macayanan, 33:41.0. 20. Carli Human, 33:49.0.