Restrictions On Main Street Parking To Be Implemented Soon


Long term parking will soon be discontinued on Main Street, Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool announced recently.

The Minister stated that the plans to improve Main Street and transform the area will be continuing this year. In making the announcement of the changes to come Mr.  Vanterpool said that government plans to discontinue long time parking on Main Street. “In other words, you will be able to go in certain areas and spend 15-20 minutes and no longer,” the Minister said.

Hon. Vanterpool during his Ministry’s New Year update announced that the aim is to prevent parking on Main Street as a regular thing. “We want to be able to allow more pedestrian activities without parking, so you have better sidewalks, improved shops and so on along Main Street”. “Main Street is what we consider to be a very important historical part of the Territory… However, the use of Main Street in terms of how it is done, we want to see it improved and from our point of view, it will work in conjunction with our parking improvements that we plan to do,” he said.

Additionally, the Minister stated that his ministry will be improving other areas on Main Street to allow for much needed rehabilitation. “Then improving the infrastructure on the streets, lighting and other things…Improve some of the buildings government owns like Post Office building, other historical sites…We are working on the prison building…”

“We want to also boost Main Street in terms of commerce and make it a good point of reference in terms of tourists. I hope it can become a place where everyone wants to go and see, shop and so on…So that is a project we want to focus on,” Hon. Vanterpool added.