Residents Say: Bring Christmas Back To Main Street!


Residents aired their dissatisfaction with this year’s Christmas on de Castro Street during the ‘A Look at the Community’ program that was broadcast on ZBVI on Saturday 3 December, and called for the event to be returned to its original Main Street location.
Residents mantained that the two-day event resulted in traffic blockage and extreme congestion that many described as very inconvenient and frustrating.
As a result, callers demanded that the event be returned to Main Street where it successfully used to be. A female caller said: “I think it should go right back on Main Street so we could use the Waterfront road…It brings some life to Main Street …also you have the Plaza, the Christmas tree is there; it adds to the Christmas feeling, and the traffic congestion is much less.”
Another female caller gave the strongest feedback of all and announced that the event should not have been moved: “I am in favor of this thing going right back on Main Street, I don’t know why they moved it in the first place. When it was there it had all the stores on Main Street, it had all the stores open you go into the stores and you look around, and I think the people in the stores were so glad to get their lil sales.”
“People were more closer and friendlier together, now it’s gone up there and to me it lost that…and the Christmas tree, they have a big ole Christmas tree down there and nobody seeing it, and it had places you could have sit…up there by this de Castro street you aint got no place to sit down, and you aint got nothing to look at,” the resident pointed out.
In further making the call for the return to Main Street she announced: “They need to carry it back where it was, I don’t know why they moved it in the first place; on Main Street it used to sound better — Christmas on Main Street not that stupidness they come with. They always think whatever thing they do you must stand for,” she added.
Another caller noted that Main Street has three access points and as such there will not be major traffic jams that was experienced during the last weekend weekend. “It wasn’t a problem to nobody there, there wasn’t a traffic jam; it was a one way in the first place.”
During the discussion, a caller had a different idea of location and suggested that the event should instead be held at the Pier Park. He said: “If you put it on Main Street you will still have problems with traffic, and at the Cruise Ship Dock (Pier Park) we have no interference with the traffic and you have ample parking. You won’t have to block off the street or parking lot nothing like that.”
However, that idea was rejected as one resident said that there is already a lot happening at the Pier Park and Main Street needs some attention.