Resident Complains About Garbage Dumping In Long Look


A resident who seems frustrated with the improper garbage dumping situation in the Territory questioned whether the litter wardens were doing their jobs, and suggested that the situation will not improve unless charges are brought against perpetrators.

In a call to the Speak Your Mind program aired on 30 October on JTV the resident said: “We have some issues here in the BVI, and unless people are charged…nobody will stop. Up by Long Look, by the daycare center there is a lot of garbage there by that garbage pan piled up.”

The caller opined that some of the dumping is probably done by persons who were paid to maintain areas and properties close to the garbage dump: “Somebody been getting paid to clean up premises, they go right at the garbage pans, and they dump this garbage…I go up Long Look all the time and these things don’t look nice. Year by year is the same thing,” he complained.

The resident said that sometimes the garbage pans are empty because people pile the garbage on the side. “I don’t know who are these Litter Wardens because I don’t see no litter warden. I don’t know who it is, and you can’t know who is who, but I don’t see nobody”

“For years and years the Government talking about this, and nobody adhering to this. Honestly you can’t catch these persons anyhow, because it is 1:00 in the night they are dumping their garbage so nobody can see. Even if you put up cameras to catch these people you can’t even catch,” he added.