Rename Drake’s Highway After h.l. Stoutt: Says Hon. Fahie


Opposition Member and First District Representative Hon. Andrew Fahie suggested that the Sir Francis Drake Highway should be renamed in honour of the Territory’s first Chief Minister, the late Honourable Hamilton Lavity Stoutt.

The Highway, which meanders along the Sir Francis Drake Channel took the name of the great English explorer and admiral of the ocean. The traffic artery stretches along the Sir Francis Drake Channel on Tortola. It runs from the Terrance B Lettsome Airport in the East to Soper’s Hole in the West, but is divided by Road Town.

During the service that was held on 7 March to commemorate the birth anniversary of Hon. Stoutt, the Opposition Member told the gathering that the renaming will be a great tribute:

“Drake’s Highway, that in my opinion should be renamed H. L. Stoutt Highway, takes us from West End to Road Town daily and vice versa, while allowing us to enjoy the breath taking view of our beautiful Virgin Islands coastline, seawater and sister islands.”

“This accomplishment continues to impact everybody in a positive way. This is yet another one of the late, but great, H. L. Stoutt’s accomplishments. However, for me, his greatest accomplishment was that he served the Lord our God with all his heart and with all his soul,” Hon. Fahie added

The Drake’s Highway was opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during her first visit to the Territory on February 23, 1966.