Relatives Of 12th Graders Complain About Parking Situation At College


A resident promised to call the office of the Premier and Deputy Governor on Wednesday to express his dissatisfaction about the current parking/waiting area that was designated to parents of 12th grade students attending classes at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) and declared that some better arrangement ought to be made.

The self-described angry caller was one of three persons who called into the 6 September Speak out BVI Program with host Doug Wheatley to discuss flaws in the present accommodation plan. The first caller lamented that the long stretch of road is an uncomfortable distance for an asthmatic student to walk in a raining situation.

He complained that the present park and wait situation was not suitable: “Mr. Wheatley I am so angry when I went to the college about 3 pm the security guard stopped me. I said sir three hundred and … students up at the College it is a rainy day I must stay down here and wait for a child that’s asthmatic or sick to walk down here through the rain. He said ‘young man it’s the new rules’.”

The resident declared that there is not enough waiting facility at the current waiting area: “I am calling the Premier and the Deputy Governor Office tomorrow afternoon and stop this thing. We had some stoplights in town we ain’t remove them from the roundabout? Mr. Wheatley how you got 400 children up there bumming walking down in rain.

“Mr. Wheatley I see somebody going hurt one of them security guard in front that gate, it is not a joke…How you expect them to left from the college and walk down to the road on a rainy day, it’s like a joke. Where is the facility to hold them when it starts raining… put all jokes aside Mr. Wheatley, Town and Country Planning needs to go up there and give them a decent roundabout at least half way,” the man announced.

The resident suggested that the road leading to the Agriculture Department might be a suitable alternative route for the 12th grade students: “Today (Tuesday) was dry but you don’t do people like that 322 (students) you got to walk down to the road now…At least you have cellular phone. The parents could reach there and call the child can walk down, but what about a rainy day. If you are going to fence off the 12 grade children let the parents drive up agriculture road, pick them up, and the regular college students stay over there,” he went on to say.

“It needs to check! They need to check what they are doing, you don’t just get up and make decisions; where is the waiting space. If it starts to rain or a storm is coming where are they going to stay. We don’t mind them walking down, but where they goin stay if it starts to rain. You will have asthmatic children walking through the rain…Mr. Wheatley it’s time we draw a line… as I told you we had some stop light from stoplight and they were removed. You have like 400 parents waiting to collect their children in a place that can only hold 60 cars,” he added.

Another caller was also critical of the parking situation at the College and said: “Who made those decisions — intellectual people? All these intellectuals sit around the table to make a decision that say three hundred and something students and you got to park outside the road. You ain’t see these people are intellectual moo-moos.”

An HLSCC student also called into the program to announce that the arrangement of housing 12th grade students at the Community College campus is causing discomfort to diabetic students. She said that there is a schedule for the cafeteria use, and noted that the schedule is inconvenient for diabetic students who may need to eat at an earlier time.