Registrar Points Finger At Delinquency Of Legislators


The hurricanes and the awful damages they caused is not an acceptable reason for legislators to not state their personal interests, assets etc. and Registrar of Interest Ms. Victoreen Romney-Varlack announced that she intends to ensure that declarations are made.

The Office of Registrar of Interest was affected by Irma and Maria but Ms. Romney-Varlack said that registration functions will continue even though during her appearance before the Standing Finance Committee she announced that she currently works from home and has limited resources.

Nonetheless the Registrar of Interest told legislators that she will still be carrying out her functions. In fact Romney-Varlack told the legislators that she intends to write to members of the House of Assembly regarding declarations that were delinquent.

She said that she hopes that HOA members who are delinquent would send their declarations as the remit of the office is to maintain a register of interest in spite of Irma and the damages done to the country.

The delinquency of legislators was particularly noted in 2012 when the Registrar announced during her appearance of that Standing Finance Committee that the Register of Interest was blank. At that time Romney-Varlack stressed that there was “no Register of Interest’ only a blank book.

At that time, the Registrar told the Standing Finance Committee that members of the House of Assembly should be thankful that the Register was not a public document because if it were, there would be nothing to inspect, because she has a blank register book.

Romney-Varlack at that time also pointed out that successive throne speeches have mentioned the amending of the Act to include senior public servants, and making it necessary for such civil servants to make declarations. However, it was noted that such inclusion would require that the Act be replaced or repealed.

The Register of Interests Act, 2007 was passed with amendment by the House of Assembly on the 27 December, 2007. The post of Registrar of Interest is provided for in section one of the legislation.