Reform Action Alliance Launched


On New Year’s day another new political party was launched. This new political organization is named the Reform Action Alliance (RAA).

It was announced that RAA was formed by fifty Virgin Islanders and their supporters. According to the launch announcement the Reform Action Alliance is aimed at broad spectrum change in the Territory’s governance.

In the announcement it was stated that Tuesday’s launch of the RAA comes after ten months of meetings, focus group discussions, market research and ongoing deliberations. Now that it has been launched it was stated that the RAA will act as a watchdog for the people of the Virgin Islands and to field and endorse candidates for the next General Election.

The Party said in the statement that they RAA is guided by the vision of a Territory where Virgin Islanders thrive and flourish, and where those who come to live in the BVI feel welcomed and valued.

RAA said that it wishes to see an enriched society where good health, education and the environment come first, and where innovation and entrepreneurship make us regional leaders.

Cindy Rosan-Jones, one of several founding RAA members explained that Party members have spent substantial time and effort in speaking and interacting with all demographics of the public, and found that the consistent message received is that people need to be heard, need to be acknowledged and need to see significant and swift change in the direction in which the BVI is currently headed.

“What we found was that both voter and non-voter residents have become disenchanted with Government, with our leaders, with how systems work, and with the existing party system,” Rosan-Jones said.

She further mention that RAA is most concerned that people have grown hopeless, that there is disinterest in going to the polls, and that many young people do not see the importance in registering to vote.  “It was startling for us to hear how many people did not feel their vote at the polls mattered,” she said.

As such Rosan-Jones said that the RAA will be staging a Voter Registration Outreach on January 12th, which will be a follow-up to an Outreach it held in September that resulted in seventy-eight new registrations.  Further it was said that special emphasis will be given to motivating young people to become active participants in the election process.