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Referees Certification Process Underway As Players Transition Into New Role

Male and female participants in the BVI Basketball Federation’s weekend Referee’s Clinic PHOTO: Eustace “Boss” Freeman 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

A referee certification process is currently underway and has attracted several players who see themselves transitioning into the new role. The clinic is being conducted by FIBA certified referee, Norval Young. 

Kameron Young said he always had an interest in learning the fundamental of the game and the rules.

“I think a lot of us are confused when it comes to certain calls and certain interpretation of the rules, so it was good to have a certified referee come in and explain a lot of the calls and the interpretation for us,” Young said. “I was very happy for that. When Boss (Eustace Freeman) said they’d be having this clinic, he told a lot of us who currently play pickup ball now and then and he signed me up.”

As a group he said they learned a lot and Norval’s presentation of the rules and their interpretation was well explained. There’s a series of clinics to be held so it was good for the first time. Regarding the rules, he said because of television, many persons have NBA rules stuck in their head but there are a lot of similarities between NBA and FIBA rules as well as a lot of differences. 

“This weekend, I think a lot of us learned that a lot of the FIBA rules have nothing to do with the NBA and the NBA rules has nothing to do with the FIBA rules as they are two separate entities,” he noted, pointing out that in recent years, both organizations have been trying to compromise and make the game similar because a lot of NBA players play in the Olympic Games and FIBA World Championships. “So, they have been trying to make the rules in sync or on the same level.”

As he ages, Dalvern Blyden said he’s getting to the point where he doesn’t think he’ll be able to play the game anymore.  

“This for me is like a transition from player to referee and giving back to the game,” he said. “That’s pretty much it for me.”

Blyden said the course was informative and Norval passed on his knowledge about things he knew and things he wasn’t sure about, he made it much clearer. The course he said has been very helpful and they have just broken the ice on what a referee goes through.

“Honestly, it’s not an easy as guys might look at it as referees running up and down the court blowing a whistle, there’s a lot of work to it,” he noted. “It’s not a walk in the park. You have to respect a referee when you see them out there trying their best to officiate these games, it’s not an easy task.” 

Norval said the course went well and all participants were basically first timers. They were enthusiastic, asked a lot of questions they weren’t sure of and they participated in every aspect of the training course—fitness, theory, classroom and interactive.

“They did a wonderful job and it was great to see these young potential referees showing the interest that they did,” he said. “There were no challenges. We had a predetermined schedule of events and things were tailored to the participants. This is an ongoing process and I see no end to it.”