Recovery Plan Fine-Tuning Causes Withdrawal


His Excellency Governor Augustus Jaspert said that he is perplexed as to how persons in the Territory can think that the Recovery Development Agency (RDA) is second government. Furthermore, the Governor told the media on 25 September that he was disappointed that the RDA plan was withdrawn from the order of the day of the 20 September sitting of the House as he noted that this plan is crucial to the Territory’s recovery.

The Resolution dealing the RDA plan was removed from last week’s sitting of the House by presenter of the Resolution, Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith. In making the withdrawal, Hon. Smith said: “The reason why I am having it removed from the Order Paper is because there remains some issues to be resolved pertaining to the plan itself and also the regulations governing the plan and how the plan is to be maintained are not complete and it is important that those regulations be ready at the same time.”

The decision by the Premier ignited comments from Members of the House who expressed concerns that the RDA has been operating without regulations.

However, the Governor who commented on the matter during his press briefing on 26 September said that he was disappointed that the Resolution had to be withdrawn, but noted that the Resolution will be returning to the House on 2 October.

“I was disappointed that the Government’s Recovery Plan was withdrawn from the House of Assembly last week. The plan prepared by Government involved a significant amount of work from public officers, along with input obviously from the public and wider stakeholders,” the Governor said.

In noting that the plan is important to the Territory’s recovery, His Excellency said: “The plan is the start for any discussion on recovery financing, getting money into the Territory. It is the start — having that plan for discussions about the U.K. loan guarantee, to enable that to move forward.”