Ray Victor eyes overall King of the Court 3-Points Shootout title | Island Sun

Ray Victor eyes overall King of the Court 3-Points Shootout title


Ray Victor prepares to make a 3-pointer to win the District 7-8 Court, as Sports Minister & District Rep Dr. Natalio Wheatley, left and Referee Steve Parillon looks on

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

After claiming the final spot on Tortola in Greenland on Saturday, Ray Victor is eyeing the  overall Kings of the Court 3-Points Shootout title on June 20. 

Victor topped the field of nine shooters with eight points before the competition moved to Virgin Gorda on Sunday, to determine the sixth shooter in the competition involving all nine of the territory’s Districts.

Victor—who will have to contend with D’Mari Parillon, Jason Edwin, Khalique Brewley, Shamoii Dagou and Jevon Demming who earned the last spot on Virgin Gorda—said it was his second attempt in the competition. He didn’t adequately prepare the first time as he rushed into it after returning from a function.

“I was uncomfortable—no excuses,” he told Island Sun Sports. “But this time, I came early, got some shots up, felt comfortable and that was the difference. I actually felt comfortable on the court.”

To win the overall title, Victor said you have to hit shots—lots of shots too. 

“If it’s 15 points, I have to hit at least 11. If you look at the average, there was a nine point, an eight point and now another eight, so you have to hit a lot of shots.”

With everyone trying to make as many shots within 30 seconds, Victor said it depends on one’s style of shooting. He noted that he had five seconds left at the end of his 10th ball, while others took their time and the clock ran out on some of them.

“You have to take jump shots and start running instead of jogging,” he advised. “Get to your spot, settle. You can beat half a second, a second by running to the other spot. I saw people jogging, lazy, that’s not gonna cut it. You have to run to the spot, keep your form. Getting to the spot is the key.”

Sports Minister and District 7 Representative Dr. Natalio Wheatley, said he thought it was an “excellent competition” and there were some young people who did a good job while the wind affected the trajectory of their shots. 

“Despite that, they come out and did pretty well,” he said. “You know Ray’s talent. He went away to school and was a star in college and we know what kind of skills he has. But I saw some other young people—some of them I didn’t quite know about—so I think the young people need to just keep shooting, keep practicing and they’ll see the result that they want to see.” 

Sunday on Virgin Gorda, Jevon Demming bested five shooters to win with nine points—the highest total scored in the competition in all the districts—Steve Parillon, one of the organizers noted. 

Parillon said plans for the June 13 finals have been pushed back to June 20. Details were being worked out to have the event at the Multipurpose Sports Complex and he said these haven’t been finalized and it would have been ‘too last minute’ to have everything in place.

“A decision still has to come from Cabinet in trying to get this as a real organized final,” he said. “We have plans for a celebrity shootout where some of the ministers and representatives will be shooting so we want to ensure that everything is in order and brought forward at a real high level.”

When asked if any of the ministers have confirmed their participation, Parillon said Dr. Natalio Wheatley is making that arrangement.