Rajah Smith Offers Solutions For The Ordinary Man & Woman


Virgin Islands Party Second District Candidate, Rajah Smith spoke of his humble beginnings and announced that he has an understanding of what the District needs, and feels that he is able to give back to his community by serving as its Representative.

While speaking at his launch campaign in Cane Garden Bay on 26 May, Smith stated that he has faced many challenges: “I am a young man who has faced many challenges since leaving school. Like many of you, I face daily adversity, but I decided very early on in my life that if I wanted to make a difference I had to make the right choices.”

He announced that his years of voluntary service with various youth groups gave him perspectives on collaboration, innovation, community service and the efficient use of limited resources. This experience – he said – makes him confident about his readiness  to offer services to the Second District.

“This chance that was given to me; this opportunity to rise; the belief that everybody can achieve is what we are all looking for. In an ideal society, this message of hope and encouragement and above all, the means to assist one another are not simply left to the kindness of individuals. It is something Government provides…In its most basic form Government provides this by  listening to the people it is supposed to represent. Putting programs in place to develop the economy so it benefits the wider population as opposed to a select few. Identifying solutions to the problems the ordinary man and woman face and delivering these solutions,” he announced.

The VIP Candidate explained that since making the decision to join the race as a representative for the community he has been meeting with many people across the District to learn first-hand and to understand the issues and conditions all face. “It could not be from my sole personal experience as someone who resides here. I wanted to see a wider picture and to discuss our need for change and our readiness to work for that change,” he explained.

In listing the endless issues plaguing the District, Mr. Smith said: “Our community needs to address, among other things, the sewage issue, the road infrastructure, the Sea Walls, a full time doctor, a critical water shortage, a much needed upgrading of old facilities throughout the District and the need to stimulate and modernize the tourism product of the Second District.”