Purcell Community Centre to be named in honour of Benefactors


Sixth District Representative, Hon. Alvera Maduro Caines announced that in June the Purcell Community Centre will be renamed.

The District Representative made the announcement  on May 28. She said: “I also believe in honoring the people who have given back to this community and so next month we will be naming the Purcell Community Center after community stalwarts (the Gertude and Cathrine Waner Community Center).

The Sixth District Representative began the process to rename the center in 2012. Details of the renaming were presented by Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon. Ronnie Skelton during the October 1, 2012 NDP radio Program. The Minister at the time was responding to an inquiry about the naming by a resident. The caller asked the panel that also included Premier, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith: “When are we going to name this Community centre in Purcell Estate.”

The resident told the legislators: “We have the lady who owned the estate here in Purcell and this building should be named after her. A lot of people hear me talking about this and agree because this mother and daughter played a big role in Purcell estate, and I think the kids today should know who owned the estate and the value.”

“I spoke to Hon Alvera Maduro-Caines and she said that she looking forward to naming the building…I also told her that we should have a meeting to speak about it, because some people want to say it’s Omar (Former Sixth District Representative Omar Hodge), but these ladies helped Omar with a lot of things,” the caller stated.

The caller pointed out: “They put churches inside of Purcell, they gave land to the New Testament to build the church and I think that the youngsters should know, that these persons played a big role in Purcell. If you want to name anything after Omar, name the Omar Hodge road close to Brewley Superette.”

In response, Hon. Skelton informed the caller that there is a process for naming public structures and roads: “We have had the requests from the Hon. Maduro-Caines to name this facility and I think we are going through the process right now, and as soon as that is done she will be notified.”

In the meantime the Minister stated that the renaming process must have some level of public consultation.