Public Service Restructuring Is Being Examined


Plans are in the pipeline to restructure the BVI Public Service. In making the announcement   Deputy Governor Rosalie Adams who was at the time Acting Governor disclosed that a United Kingdom specialist travelled to the Territory to assist.

In an update on the recovery efforts in the Territory following the passage of hurricanes Irma and Maria Mrs. Adams stated that Chris Cooper, formerly of the United Kingdom School of Governance commenced steps for the restructuring: “I am most grateful to Mr. Chris Cooper, formerly of the United Kingdom School of Governance, who is currently in the Territory and meeting with senior leaders to chart the course forward to redesign the public service.”

The Deputy Governor stressed that these plans will not be made in isolation of public servants “With their (public servants) guidance and support, a plan will be submitted for Cabinet’s review. Once approved, that plan will be implemented in a phased approach to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the public service,” Mrs. Adams stated.

The redesigning of the public service is part of government’s recovery process. In noting how the civil service has been coping the Deputy Governor said: “Recovery is important and restoration will continue throughout all sectors in the Territory.  This rings true for the Public Service as well.  The restoration of the Public Service remains a high priority and Government is making advances to ensure its continuity.”

The then Acting Governor explained that following the displacement of public offices and in light of the impact and damages sustained, Cabinet approved the strategic direction for an improved public service.  This will be achieved under the theme, “A stronger, more resilient, more effective, Public Service.”

Additionally it was mentioned that in order to ensure that the emotional and mental well-being of residents is addressed Mrs. Adams said that in the Public Service government created and implemented a platform, where officers may access additional help with an interactive support movement called Project Uplift.  This programme is executed by the Employee Relations Unit of the Department of Human Resources to aid public officers’ recovery from the traumatic events.