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Public Gatherings Remain “OFF LIMITS”: Governor Says


During the current curfew which is expected to last until 10 May, His Excellency Governor Augustus Jaspert warned that there should be no unnecessary large group socializing in the Territory.

The Governor stated: “Public gatherings of more than 20 people will remain off limits.”

“The limited opening does not mean that everyone should go out for the full hours between 6am -1pm. You should not. Those are the hours that you go out for essential business only – for essential shopping and essential exercise. Remember – you need to take responsibility for your own safety. Please continue to stay at home as much as possible,” the Governor warned.

In order to further ensure that the message is not lost or falls on deaf ears the Governor declared, “Gatherings of no more than 20 (twenty) does not mean that people should be generally socializing.  As bars, restaurants, beaches and parks remain closed, this does not mean those activities should instead take place in private households. Family groups are expected to stay together and at home as much as possible as they have been doing until now.”

Her Majesty’s Representative said that he knows that the adherence to the new stipulation is difficult for residents and he thanked the community for complying: “By staying at home and complying with the measures in place to date, despite a small number of cases, you have played a vital role in containing and overcoming this virus so far”.

The Governor also noted that this situation of having to stay indoors for an extended period of time was not easy for residents: ”I know these sacrifices have not come without cost – financial and personal.  I thank every child who has stayed home and not been able to play outside; every business that has closed knowing the impact it has on its finances; every parent supporting their child’s education whilst schools are shut; every teacher helping with online tuition; every individual and family that stayed home not able to connect with loved ones; and every essential worker and volunteer who has helped get us through the last period,” His Excellency said.  

“Your actions have saved lives. You should all be proud of what you have done to protect this Territory and in particular to protect our elderly and most vulnerable. Thank you,” he added.