Public Cooperation Solicited During Political Meetings


Commissioner of Police David Morris is reminding the general public, and especially those directly involved in organising and attending public and political meetings around the Territory of the times designated for the use of loudspeakers according to the Noise Control and Abatement Act 1996.

He noted that while the Act exempts persons seeking to hold public and political meetings from applying for permission from the Commissioner of Police, the Act stipulates that the operation of a loudspeaker, which includes a megaphone or any device for amplifying sound during such meetings, shall terminate no later than 11pm. The exception is made during the period between nomination day and polling day in a general or by-election when the operation of loudspeakers is extended to 12 midnight.

He added that the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force is aware that this is a crucial period in the history of the Territory, but solicits the support and cooperation of all in adhering to the laws of the Virgin Islands.