Public Buildings need regular Maintenance: Hon. Archibald Christian says


Territorial At Large Representative, Hon. Archibald Christian announced that there are some issues with public buildings in the Territory and he stated that the problems cannot all be rectified in four years.

Speaking at a meeting in the First District on 7 May, Hon. Christian announced that Government has been trying to maintain the buildings but they were unable to take care of all: “Confession is good for the soul, it’s a challenge that we have throughout the territory with public buildings on a whole. If you go to Anegada you will see problems that we are not happy about.”

In stating one of the issues on Anegada that bother Government, Hon Christian said: “The Minister of Health and Welfare, and the Premier on a whole were there about three weeks ago and we saw the Administration Complex on Anegada and we weren’t very happy. We all jumped on our phones and started making telephone calls back to Tortola.”

In pointing out that sorting out the issues, takes time, Hon. Christian stated: “We have to arrest the problems, and it is one of the main reasons why we are saying to people – For these problems to be fixed four years doesn’t cut it; because you now have to be able to put a structure and a plan in place to ensure that from this point onwards those facilities that are built with your hard-earned dollars are well maintained.”

“We have to ensure that whenever we do our budgetary process that the right amount of money is allocated for the maintenance of those facilities, and so we are going to get to that bridge when we are going to be able to once and for all arrest those problems where we don’t have the community centers looking the way they are. We are not happy about them, but we are going to fix them,” the At Large Representative declared.