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Prospect Reef Hotel Gets Some Attention


Efforts to bring Prospect Reef Hotel into productive mode is moving forward as a new member of the Management Board was recently added.

The Prospect Reef hotel which is a government-owned resort was destroyed by the 2017 hurricanes and remains in a deplorable state and an eyesore. However, in various instances when the matter was raised it was explained that the Board needed to be constituted first in order to be able to remedy the staff payment matter.

The formation of a Board seems to be finally fixed as it was announced that Cabinet at a meeting held on 4 March approved Leader of the Opposition Hon. Marlon Penn’s nomination of Lloyd Black to be appointed as a non-executive Director to the Prospect Reef Management Company Board for one year, effective 4 March.

Black is the newest member of the Prospect Reef Management Company Board. The other members were agreed on at a Cabinet Meeting on 2 October 2019. At that meeting, Cabinet decided to reconstitute the Prospect Reef Management Board by appointing the following persons as members of the Board of Directors for the Prospect Reef Management Company for one year under the Prospect Reef Management Act: Kenisha Sprauve (Chairperson); Directors Ray George, Tamara Maduro, and John Samuel.

At that time it was mentioned that the Leader of the Opposition was required to nominate someone to sit on the Board. It was also stated that the Board members would also include Shareholders, the Financial Secretary and Permanent Secretary in the Premier’s Office.

During his presentation of the 2020 Budget Address on 19 November Premier Fahie explained that the Government was keen to see the hotel back in order. Hon. Fahie said, “Your Government will intensify its efforts to bring those properties under the control of the Government, such as Prospect Reef, back into operation.”

“An attractive formula is to partner with large international brands that have a global marketing structure already in place and which are synonymous with high-quality service. Invitations for expressions of interest will be going out soon. Your Government commits that reconstruction of a hotel at Prospect Reef must take place during the current term of office. Such a venture, along with the return to service of our major privately-owned local hotels and resorts, will bring us much closer to our desired medium-term room stock target of 5,000 when completed,” the Premier said.