Proposed Changes To East End Parade Format Stalled By Discontent


The suggestion made in the past about the East End Parade being formatted as a children’s only parade is still on the table, and was mentioned in the recently tabled 2013 VI Festival and Fairs Committee Report that was tabled in the House of Assembly.

The 2013 Report reiterated the proposal and commented that the children’s parade can be successful if the schools are encouraged to put a troupe/float/floupe in the East End Long Long Parade.

Although the suggestion was made in the 2012 Report it was not implemented acted upon. In fact, the Festival Committee first announced its intention to separate the parades at the launch of festival 2013.

At that time Chairman of the Festival and Fairs Committee, Marvin Blyden explained that the move was taken for many reasons. However, during a later press conference on June 28, 2013 Committee Member Lavern Samuel-Fahie explained that the plan will be placed on hold.

She told the press that there will be no separation in the parade this year as the Committee felt that it might be too early for the change. “We are actively working so we can have a successful change next year. This year is a little too soon, we notice we had a lot of great challenges in terms of pulling it off so we are hopeful that we can get everything done for the 60th anniversary. We wanted to do it this year because this was our 175th year of being free so we wanted to do something big for this year. Unfortunately things didn’t work out how we planned,” Samuel-Fahie stated.

However, Director of Culture, Luce Hodge Smith disclosed that the parade decision was influenced by public murmurs, she told the media: “Attempts were made to separate the children’s entries from the adult entries by making the decision that the children’s parade will be held in East End Long Look on their August Wednesday. However, due to an outcry from the public the decision was made again to go back to the usual way of doing things with the parade.”