Promises Promises: Consumer Protection? May Be


Consumer protection was promised again, however this time even Premier and Minister for Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith said that he is eager for results.

In a statement that was delivered on behalf of Premier Smith at the recently held Buy BVI Trade show, the BVI Leader announced: “We will also advance along with the long overdue consumer protection platform in the Virgin Islands.”

Hon. Smith said that moving ahead with the consumer protection plan and other initiatives rests on the shoulders of Junior Minister of Trade, Hon. Penn; and the Premier said that he expects the Junior Minister to produce great result on the mandate.

The call and promise for consumer protection has been ongoing for decades. In October even the youth of the Territory tackled the subject in a debate. For over 20 years the topic has been highlighted by repeated editorials of The Island Sun: so far “promises”, results none!

Following their debate on the issue, Premier Smith informed the media that Government began considering consumer protection during the previous administration; and he added that the initiative is still being mulled.

Hon Smith said: “It is something that we actually have begun to think about from the last administration, and it is something that I said to my Ministry that we need to look at. We are now strengthening and deepening the remit of the Trade Department to include some more trade and investment promotions and also their remit will also be looked at.”