“Promises Delivered” —  Says Hon. Vanterpool


Hon-M-Vanterpool-(1)“It used to be Mark ‘The Man with The Action Plan’, but many of those plans have been completed, so thank you for the name Mark ‘The Action Man,” Minister for Communications and Works, and Fourth District Representative, Hon. Mark Vanterpool announced during his campaign launch on 26 May.

The central point of Hon. Vanterpool’s address was “actions taken, promises delivered” as he chronicled some of the things that were done to improve the Fourth District. “People of the Virgin Islands, our Government will continue efforts to ensure that the appearance and activities in the Capital City of Road Town, reflect its historic and economic importance.”

Hon. Vanterpool announced some of his proposed plans for the District should he be granted another four years. The Minister said: “Draft plans are already on the way to bring the City and Wickham’s Cay Authority under one Statutory Body, to improve and manage the affairs of the City of Road Town.”

The Fourth District Representative announced that an NDP Government will continue to beautify Road Town and develop green spaces for the enjoyment of residents and visitors; these developments include the expanded Queen Elizabeth II Park.

The issue of parking was also on Hon. Vanterpool’s proposed to-do-list: “we will establish more public parking areas, build multi-level parking facilities and implement a circular transportation system to help to alleviate traffic congestion.”

“We have already converted the Old Prison into a museum and we will improve and upgrade other historical sites and tourist attractions throughout the Territory. Voters of the fourth District, your Action Man has been working and I will continue to work for you when I am re-elected for another term,” he told the gathering.

In recapping some of the projects that were completed during this term, Hon. Vanterpool stated: “Don’t mind the noise. Action speaks louder than words. Look around the District and see the progress! What a beautiful sight is the revitalized Crafts Alive Village compared to the unsightly ‘Tent City.’ The Manse Road/Paul P. Wattley bypass is complete with solar lights. There is no longer raw sewerage running on the streets. We completed the hospital parking lot. Efforts will continue to provide more parking through multilevel facilities. We are resurfacing the James Walter Francis Drive dual carriageway all the way to Prospect Reef.”

“We have resurfaced the Boo Bay Drive along The One Stop Mall. The Sugar Mill Road has been widened – thanks to JOMA Properties for donating land. We renovated and expanded the basketball court in Lower Estate. The construction of a children’s playground in Lower Estate is underway. In close consultation with the Education Minister, we are improving schools in the District. Hundreds of children in the District look forward to receiving assistance during my annual Back to School Fair. I continue to stay close to my seniors at the Adina Donovan Home and the Road Town Senior Citizens Centre, treating them especially on Valentine’s Day and at Christmas time. We are about to concentrate on revitalizing Main Street, including the old Administration Building and Post Office. Ladies and Gentlemen, does this sound like a Do Nothing Action Man, as some would have you believe?” he asked.

Hon. Vanterpool also told his constituents that he has kept his promises. He also announced that there was more work to be done: “When you re-elect Mark H. Vanterpool and the entire National Democratic Party team, the work continues to develop these our beautiful Virgin Islands.”