Progressive United Party Established


Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser announced that he will be contesting the upcoming general elections under the banner of a new political party – Progressive United, of which he is the Chairman. Interestingly enough: Hon. Fraser is advocating for a cap on the amount of money donated to political parties.

Hon. Fraser who was once a member of the Virgin Islands Party stated that he is pleased with the new party: “Progressive United is the result of a search for a solution to a failed leadership which has produced an economically challenged territory with its people in despair.”

“The philosophy behind Progressive United is that the Territory cannot continue to be stymied by Party Government whose supporters’ appetite fosters and demands the practice of hemorrhaging the public’s purse as a natural order,” he said.

During most elections it is normal for political parties to raise funds to cover their campaign costs. However, Hon. Fraser announced that the time has come for stipulations and limitations on the amount of money that can be given to any political party.

In making the call for a cap on the amount he said: “Progressive United makes no secret of its independence from those contributors who give huge sums of money because of the political corruption it breeds in making the payback. We therefore advocate a $10,000 cap on all campaign contribution and call upon every political party to take this stand.”

The currently serving Opposition member explained that Progressive United was launched on 23 August during a soft launch at which time the Party’s interest in contesting the 2019 general elections was made known.

Hon. Fraser said that the Party is ready to present its candidates to the public.