Progress Made To Remove Bvi Artistes Restrictions In USVI


Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn announced that following a meeting on Tuesday 20 October with USVI Lieutenant Governor Osbert Potter he is convinced that the current artiste performance restriction will soon be rectified.

Hon. Walwyn disclosed that he travelled to the USVI in the company of other Ministry of Education and Culture officials to advance discussions regarding the travel restrictions local artistes face when seeking opportunities and cultural exchanges in the neighbouring Territory.

The Legislator reminded that he made the promise to rectify the situation weeks after being re-elected. “I used my speaking time at the first sitting of this session of our House of Assembly to address the need for a better working relationship for our bands seeking to play in the USVI,” Hon. Walwyn reminded.

He disclosed that immediately after he made his statement Lieutenant Governor Potter publicly promised that he would look into the matter, and Hon. Walwyn thanked the USVI Legislator for agreeing to meet and discuss the issue further.

“I am pleased that after a few scheduling conflicts, we were able to meet and have a very honest conversation about how our two territories can work out this matter. The issue is not a simple one, but one that requires changes at the federal level for the USVI. Our conversation yesterday was the most productive we have had on this issue, with Lieutenant Governor Potter committing to bringing the issue to their congressional representative, where in Washington DC changes can actually be made to give our artistes a better opportunity to easily travel and work in the USVI,” Hon. Walwyn disclosed.

In noting that the situation will soon end, Hon. Walwyn declared: “Our territories have a long and constructive relationship together and I am confident that we will finally resolve this issue as it is the first time that we are advancing these conversations to the level where the policy can be affected. I will continue to work with Lieutenant Governor Potter and advocate on behalf of our local musicians. In the meantime, I encourage our bands to follow the laws of the USVI. We are very close and let’s be mindful not to compromise what we are all working towards.”