Preston Stoutt to contest First District as Independent Candidate


First District Candidate for the upcoming general elections, Mr. Preston Stoutt has criticized persons who ride on his father, the late Hamilton Lavity Stoutt’s accomplishments.

Mr. Stoutt in a statement to the media last week announced that during the 2011 campaign he did not capitalize on his father’s legacy and was perturbed that others attempted to do so.

“Whether an individual served with him in politics, worked with him in an administration or sat at the round table with him, HL’s legacy is in no way represented by any of these individuals simply because the fundamental principles and ideology is not being followed. People are not to be fooled; judge candidates on their own record and whether or not they are credible and have their own integrity,” he said.

The First District Candidate stated that he is concerned that some of the issues he drew attention to four years ago are still very relevant: “In the 2011 election, the campaign of committee to elect Preston Stoutt used heavily social media, which raised the level of politics here in the BVI…Some of the issues that were never previously mentioned before the 2011 elections but brought to the forefront are now being discussed; whether they are being addressed is left up to the public to decide. Issues that were apparent then are still apparent now in this broken system.”

For this election Mr. Stoutt announced that his campaign is interested in getting the people fully involved and engaged in the electoral process and bring awareness to the people of the current issues that plague the Territory.

“The first district is a highly tourism-driven district which is home to many hotels and short-term rental villas. We have a natural beauty that needs to be highlighted and needs to be properly maintained and improve our existing infrastructure. Over the years the District has been in decline; broken sea walls; roads riddled with potholes; historical sites out of sight and not maintained; emergency services such a police station and fire station have been out of commission for years,” he mentioned.

Mr. Stoutt further stated that the present medical clinic in the District has outgrown its use due to lack of maintenance and improvements. Lack of proper distribution of water, and Community Centers that are in dire need of repair, were some other issues of concern listed.