Premier’s Job Is Not An Easy One: Hon. Walwyn Says


Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn explained that he is of the opinion that most persons in the Territory do not appreciate how much work is done by the Premier, especially as it relates to safeguarding financial services.

After thanking the Premier publicly during the House of Assembly sitting on Tuesday 21 March, Hon. Walwyn explained that many of the critical tasks are not seen and known: “It is work that goes on behind the scene that the ordinary man sometimes can’t always appreciate. They can see when you build roads and schools and so on but a lot of heavy duty work goes on behind the scenes to keep financial services going which is the main industry earner in our country.”

In further emphasising the push to safeguard the industry, Hon. Walwyn added: “That work Madame Speaker is led by our Premier Hon. Dr. D Orlando Smith, and I want to congratulate him and thank him as a citizen of the country for the work that he continues to do.”

The Education Minister also praised the Premier’s personality stating that his manner of dealing with things is an asset during international negotiations: “Sometimes you need the right person at the right time when you’re dealing with a situation. When you are dealing with what is happening to us even by our own mother country Britain. You need somebody with the right temperament who wouldn’t get upset and carry on but know that you need to protect financial services for your people and so I want to commend the Premier for that. The job is not an easy job,” Hon. Walwyn added.