“I don’t get involved in those things, I stay away from them,” Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie declared as he refuted claims of victimization. In making his point, the Premier during the House of Assembly on 14 November drew attention to scenarios that occurred during the previous administration that he implied were blatant cases of victimization. 

The conversation about government taking actions that can be interpreted as victimization was raised during a press conference that was held on 13 November by members of the Opposition. While, the Premier did not mention the press conference during his contribution to the debate on a Motion to appoint the Chairwoman to the BVI Electricity Board he did zoom on specific points that were clearly raised during that press conference. 

One such point was the Opposition’s announcement that there was an unprecedented level of victimization since this government took office. This statement does not seem to have sit well with the Premier as he declared in the House that he and his government have not been involved in victimizing persons. 

The Premier suggested that the accusation was a tactic being used by the Opposition in orchestrated plot to cause his demise:  “Members of the Opposition who don’t want to see this government get anything done…they are frightening off the public servants…holding conversations with other entities to try and make sure that we get nothing done. I’m seeing it happening,” Hon. Fahie announced. 

The Premier stated that he is getting tired of the situation, but is not ready to say all that he plans to do: “Iam not speaking as much as I should as yet, because I’m waiting patiently; but my tolerance level is almost up,” Hon. Fahie declared. 

During the same debate Fourth District Representative Hon. Mark Vanterpool offered advice to the new chair of the BVIEC as part of his debate contributions. His advice revolved around the need for integrity, accountability, and fiduciary duties. These comments were also tied into the remarks that were made by the Premier. 

In tying all of his concerns about what was said, Hon. Fahie declared: “They talk about accountability what about the many …contracts that were cancelled that I aint talk about yet… with people holding the paperwork in their hands when they took office — unceremoniously took it from them because they weren’t supporting them.” 

“They talking about victimization in government, in boards? I remember when I was over there toiling with the member for the Third, the first thing they do when they get in is get rid of the lady from Labour – gone; and she even couldn’t report because she was the head of Labour, so she couldn’t carry her case to a soul.” 

The Premier echoed concerns about the Third District Representative’s listening to the complaints, as he alleged that in the past Hon Fraser’s spouse was also victimized: “They talking about victimization in Boards of government — as soon as they get in the Member for the Third wife, one of the strongest Accountant Generals we had — gone. Treasury aint catch itself since. I don’t know how the Member for the Third could sit down and stomach it.” 

Further Hon. Fahie said that there are many instances he can raise of alleged victimization in the past. Before veering into the matter of the former president of the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College Dr. Karl Dawson who is now working in Anguilla, the Premier said: “We have the president of a college up in Anguilla and they talking about victimization on boards. That is now a president in Anguilla for a college because he ran against them. Call it what they want…had to leave his wife here alone in a cold bed and go Anguilla to look for a job to be able to feed his family. When she want to see him now she has to go there, when he want to see her he has to come here. Divided a family just for political victimization and now come and political grandstand,” Hon. Fahie said. 

In further pointing fingers the Premier said: “I don’t give my wife no contract for consultancy – that’s unethical. I don’t put no brother or sister of mine — put systems so they become millionaire that’s unethical.”