Things are getting better and brighter, with more opportunities on the horizon. This was the keynote of the message Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie delivered to his constituents in his first major report to the District since he was elected to the post of BVI Leader last year February.  

Hon. Fahie who has been faithfully elected by the people of the First District for 20 years continued his more than decennial tradition of reporting to the residents of the District. 

In his update Hon. Fahie expressed thanks to his constituents for their support and confidence. He stated: “You the people of the First District continue to put your confidence in me to lead you and now to lead this Territory.” 

Among the updates the Premier mentioned the continued success of the  Bambelela home work and tutorship programme. He also reported on the First District senior citizens programme, the bus service, the West End Community Centre, the Abraham Leonard Community Center, Frenchman’s Cay bridge, Benjamin Romney Park among other programmes of interest to the residents. 

Hon. Fahie pledged to continue to work to make the District better and noted that he will continue to keep the residents abreast of the various undertakings: “We will continue to shape this community together. There will be progress because we are moving in one direction: forward.” 

In noting some of the issues of concerns to his District the Premier Fahie listed the garbage-related problem at Pockwood Pond and the discomfort that this causes to residents. In mentioning that the matter was close to be remedied Hon. Fahie announced “The control panel for the incinerator is now installed thanks to the Minister of Health Hon. Carvin Malone and his team. Within two weeks time the consultant will be here in full bloom because he is already here helping with the control panel, but in two weeks it will be fully functional and the open air burning will be no more.” 

Over the last two years Hon. Fahie has lamented the fact that the West End Police station was closed and the intrinsic security risks. Hon. Fahie said that this is one of the matters he is happy that was sorted since he took office. “I can now say that I am pleased to see the West End Police Station after two years was reopened in August 2019…This is progress “ 

Another issue that dominated the last two District reports was the closure of the West End ferry terminal. Mr. Fahie noted last week that he was happy to confirm that the situation has been sorted, albeit with a temporary solution.

For close a decade various districts in the BVI have suffered the discomfort of water shortage. The First District was unfortunately one of the affected areas of the Territory and Hon. Fahie in his capacity of District Representative bemoaned the situation repeatedly. 

He therefore mentioned to the residents that the matter is a priority for his government. “Water woes in this District are real and your government is trying to fix the problem not only in this District but the entire Territory.” 

The BVI Leader said, “I am pleased those residents and businesses in Carrot Bay and the surrounding communities were able to recently once again get access to more steady supply of potable water with the completion of restoration works on the reservoir that services that area. It is not perfect yet but better than what it was.” 

“As you know the water plant in Capoons Bay sustained extensive damage during the passage of hurricanes Irma and Maria…Work is being done to repair and secure the plant to make it more resilient to Natural Disasters,” Hon. Fahie added.